Ideas lead to outcomes...

What is behind our story...

Our team consists of young HW specialists, SW developers/engineers, and mathematicians with hobbies in music, computers, biology, and philosophy. These 4 basic pillars of knowledge are the wellspring of new ideas. Keywords are the Internet of Things, Energy Efficiency, and Cyber Security. The unique idea of this team was to develop a completely new concept for a Hi-Tech energy converter for the solar industry.
When this team met together, the fire of technological passion was ignited… but not just a solar fire…

A brief explanation of the technology

Energy converters

Energy converters – also called Solid State Transformers – convert one form of electric energy to another. In the solar industry, this is mostly from DC to AC. The common name for this type of converter is an inverter. The keywords here are high efficiency, reliability, and purity of output voltage and current. The common denominator is economy and return on investment.

PWM modulator

Today‘s modern fast signal PWM modulator technology shares a lot in common with energy convertors used in the solar industry. Advanced PWM modulators are in principle Solid State Transformers where the output signal is not trivial and constant (sinus wave) but constantly changes based on the incoming signal or a predefined dynamic digital algorithm. This technology is crucial in many industrial and commercial areas. However, new methods need to be discovered and developed to in order to bring the industry up to the latest technological standards.

Frequency converters

A frequency converter, used for advance motor control systems, is technologically situated next to a solar converter. Because of our in-depth knowledge in the area of advanced PWM technology, the next logical step forward for our team was to incorporate a frequency converter for motor control systems directly into the list of available functionalities.



We decided to take a very demanding route; one which did not involve using any of the specialized function blocks currently manufactured by the big chip producers.

Instead, we created our own powerful, universal HW running our proprietary code, and offering fast, reliable networking and high efficiency PWM conversion. Our proprietary software is the key to the success of our products.


Using the latest advances in mathematics, cutting edge design ideas, and the latest generation of computing HW, we have created a new integrated platform for the industry.

With this concept we have changed the underlying philosophy of the application. With our uniform HW platform, clients can effectively and efficiently combine various systems that had to remain separate in the past.

Saving money

Our new platform lets clients save money and increase the usability of their systems.

The Test of Time: Our new platform is designed in such way that additional functionalities can be easily integrated as the needs of the client change.


PWM modulator

Custom software

Custom industry solution

Acoustic detection system